Hi there, I’m Phil.

I’ve been a designer for twenty years — in-house, freelance, and as the owner of a boutique firm. And I learned a lot about the business side of things along the way. Now I guide other creatives through those business-y bits — setup, accounting, taxes, planning. Together, we’re better at finance.

I’ll Be Right Here

When you have an question, don’t waste your time Googling. Just drop a line … and I’ll help you sort through it.

  • Setup QuickBooks
  • Calculate tax estimates
  • Figure out 1099s (hurry!)
  • Research retirement accounts

Do Your Thing

Trying to do it all yourself can lead to missed opportunities (and burnout). Having some help allows you to focus on the work that pays the bills.

Things I Help With


Am I making more than last year? Was that project profitable? Where can I save money? Good accounting helps you understand and improve your business. I help make sure your books are set up correctly, teach you how to update them, and help you better understand what they are telling you.

Tax Planning & Prep

Quarterly estimates, sales tax, safe harbor, 1099s, K-1s, W-9s, Schedule Cs, deadlines, extensions — taxes are complicated, and missing something can result in paying more than you need to (or worse — penalties). I help with tax planning and prep, so your taxes are accurate and on time.

Financial Coaching

It’s easy to take wrong turns when DIYing business stuff. And when you work for yourself, the line between your business and personal finances is blurry. I'll help guide you through everything from choosing business entities to building an emergency fund, so you can feel confident in your decisions.

Helping Creatives Like Me

I’ve been a designer in just about every scenario you can imagine: big-city agency, in-house, freelance, and founder of a boutique firm. But I never could find an accountant who really understood the ins-and-outs of creative gigs, so I ended up tackling the “business stuff” on my own. I took classes on bookkeeping, financial analysis, tax planning, and personal finance at UCLA. I also passed the IRS Special Enrollment Exams (which means I probably know way too much about the tax code and can represent clients before the IRS) and became a QuickBooks Certified ProAdviser.

I want to help other creatives by being the financial coach that I always wanted but never found — one who doesn’t just do the legwork, but who helps you learn about accounting, taxes, and personal finance along the way. And when I’m not doing that, I’m probably knee-deep in design projects or trail running in the mountains.

How can I help?

Thanks, we’ll be in touch!